Elect Jessica Wadhams


Jessica Wadhams is the right leader for the 39th District. She prioritizes the safety and freedom of the community members with courage and integrity.

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Jessica's Priorities


  • Protect reproductive freedom for everyone in our state
  • Advocate for healthcare staff and patients by supporting unemployment and other presumptive benefits for workers during a healthcare crisis
  • Support efforts of Whole Washington to ensure all members of our state have affordable access to quality healthcare and medications


  • Remove barriers for collective bargaining and increase Union Apprenticeship programs in schools
  • Raise minimum wage to a living wage, based on location, evaluated annually
  • Incentivize the creation of jobs which reduce our carbon footprint


  • Ensure affordable and accessible education for everyone
  • Encourage alternatives to traditional college (internships, technical colleges)
  • Improve access to mental health in K-12


  • Improve light rail to expand access throughout the I-5 corridor and neighboring cities
  • Prioritize the US-2 Trestle and other critical bridges in Snohomish and Skagit Counties
  • Make our streets safer by providing more funds for sidewalks near schools in metropolitan areas


  • Protect green spaces to benefit the climate and the enjoyment of outdoor recreational activities by promoting pro-environmental approaches to building and zoning practices to reduce urban sprawl
  • Reduce pollution in one of our state’s greatest assets in the great Northwest - our streams, rivers, and ocean

Proactive Policing

  • Improve police accountability (body cams, improved transparency with publicly available stats, etc.)
  • Expand officers’ access to resources for better health and well-being, more frequent check-ins with supervisors, and ongoing racial bias training to improve cultural awareness
  • Foster community approach with appropriate funding to retain the right number of officers, encourage engagement with the community in positive ways to help prevent crime

Housing and Mental Health

  • Improve access to temporary and affordable housing to reduce homelessness
  • Incentivize employers to hire individuals who are currently or recently experiencing homelessness
  • Increase funding for social workers and social programs to prevent homelesses and expand substance abuse programs

Animal Rights

  • Work directly with local animal shelters to lead pro-animal legislation
  • Increase public education of how to improve animal welfare

Public Spaces

  • Protect public spaces such as libraries, parks, and community trails to preserve our diverse lifestyles
  • Improve the quality of life within our communities for those seeking to educate themselves, find employment, meet with others, and have healthy recreational opportunities